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Roof Racks - we will understand what you need

Roof Racks - we will understand what you need

Roof Racks - How to Choose?

Roof racks are a widely used term that people apply to various products. Therefore, if you visit the jumtabagā store intending to buy a roof rack, the seller will likely first specify whether you need a roof box or roof crossbars, also known as roof rails.

Roof Rack - What`s the Purpose?

The next natural question will be, what do you need the roof rack for? Perhaps you`re an avid traveler and require a roof box mounted on crossbars, or maybe you need to transport items of different sizes, like boards, which can be securely placed and fastened onto the roof crossbars.

Roof Rack - What Budget Should You Expect?

When considering the budget for your roof rack purchase, it`s essential to ask yourself - is high quality more important to you, or are you looking for a lower price?

Material Quality

Understanding the advantages of a quality roof rack, people rarely opt for the cheapest solution.
At the jumtabagā store, you can mainly purchase roof racks from two manufacturers. Thule is one of the most well-known brands in this industry. The roof racks from this manufacturer are designed and engineered down to the smallest detail. The highest quality materials are used for the roof racks; for instance, you can tell just by touch that the aluminum is highly durable, while the plastic has a perfect lacquer coating. Similarly, innovative solutions are used for the locks, making them practically impossible for thieves to tamper with.
Undoubtedly, Thule roof racks are equivalent to high quality in terms of price.


When purchasing a Thule roof rack, one can be assured that, with periodic cleaning from salt and sand, it will last almost indefinitely. Such a roof rack is practically immune to environmental conditions.


If you intend to transport relatively heavy items in the roof rack, be sure to choose a Thule product. Roof racks from various manufacturers have similar maximum weight limits for carrying items. However, Thule roof racks are designed with an additional margin, so when transporting heavier items, you can be completely sure that your car will not be damaged.

Ease of Use

It is also important that, when changing cars, you can easily remove and adapt the Thule roof rack to another vehicle, and it has been proven that products from this manufacturer are the easiest to resell as used items. Thule provides very good warranty and after-sales service for their roof racks.
A roof rack with proper quality and an acceptable price
If you plan to use the roof rack infrequently, for example, only in the summer, then a

CRUZ brand roof rack.

It will perfectly fulfill its function and safely carry everything you need.
However, the longevity and durability of the material will not be as high as with Thule roof racks, and you should also expect a more complex removal and installation process for another car.
If you plan to sell the roof rack later, we still recommend choosing a Thule product.

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Thule Rooftop Tents: Explore Anywhere with Ease

Thule Rooftop Tents: Explore Anywhere with Ease

Thule Rooftop Tents - How to Choose? 

When selecting a Thule tent, consider factors such as the size of your travel party, the type of terrain you`ll encounter, and your camping preferences. Thule offers a comprehensive range of tent systems, including rooftop tents and towbar-mounted tents, providing options for various vehicles, travel preferences, and all types of adventures. Whether you prefer the convenience of a rooftop setup or the versatility of a towbar-mounted system, Thule has the perfect solution for your outdoor adventures.

Why Choose Thule Tents? 

Thule tents are engineered with a focus on durability, versatility, and user-friendly design, ensuring they withstand the rigors of travel and provide comfort in any environment. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to innovation, Thule tents offer the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and style, making them the preferred choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure with confidence and convenience.

Design: Thule car tents, such as the Basin, Foothill, and Approach, are meticulously crafted for both durability and style. Their sleek designs, coupled with robust materials, ensure reliability throughout every journey.

Convenience: Featuring easy setup and spacious interiors, Thule rooftop tents offer unparalleled convenience for travelers seeking comfort on the go.

Different Tents, Different Applications: Whether you`re tackling rugged terrain with the Tepui Ayer, embracing versatility with the Autana, or enjoying the spaciousness of the Kukenam, Thule offers a variety of rooftop tents tailored to diverse travel needs.

Mounting Process: Mounting a Thule rooftop tent onto your car is seamless, especially with a pre-installed Thule roof rack system. Simply attach the tent using the provided hardware and follow instructions for secure placement.

Travel in Comfort and Style: Embark on your journey with Thule rooftop tents, designed to provide comfort, safety, and convenience wherever you roam.

Adventure-Ready: Whether it`s a spontaneous weekend getaway or an extended road trip, Thule rooftop tents offer unparalleled versatility and comfort for every traveler.

Explore with Confidence: With Thule rooftop tents like the Outset, adventure awaits at every turn. Hit the road with peace of mind, knowing you have reliable shelter wherever you roam.

Before installing any Thule rooftop tent, ensure you have a compatible roof rack system! Elevate your travel experience today with Thule!

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Thule Bicycle Racks - for use on the car roof, towbar or back door

Thule Bicycle Racks - for use on the car roof, towbar or back door

Bike Racks – How to Choose?

Bike racks are the most convenient and secure way to transport your bicycle. However, they are not the only solution. Consider your options, the specifics of your bike, and choose the transportation method that best suits your needs.

Transporting on the Roof

To transport a bicycle on the car roof, the bike rack is attached to the roof crossbars. This method is suitable if you can lift the bike onto the car roof and if the bike weighs no more than 20 kilograms.

When choosing a Thule bike rack from, you can safely transport your bike on the car roof without worrying about it falling off. Thule is one of the most well-known brands, ensuring impeccable quality. Their bike racks use the highest quality materials and innovative solutions to make transportation as safe and convenient as possible. Thule bike racks undergo rigorous quality tests, proving they are among the safest on the market.

The manufacturer provides an excellent warranty and after-sales service for their bike racks.

Transporting on a Towbar

If a roof-mounted bike rack isn`t suitable, you can secure your bike to a towbar for transport. With a towbar mount, you can transport a bike weighing up to 30 kilograms.

For an electric bike, which typically weighs more than 20 kilograms, a towbar mount is the best choice, or if possible, secure the bike to the rear doors of the car.

Transporting on the Rear Doors

If a roof or towbar bike rack isn`t suitable for you, the third option is to attach the bike to the rear doors of the car for transport. However, keep in mind that this solution isn`t possible for all vehicles.

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Thule Strollers - Active Lifestyle for Active Families!

Thule Strollers - Active Lifestyle for Active Families!

Thule Strollers - How to Choose?

Thule offers a range of strollers tailored for different lifestyles, from urban navigation to all-terrain jogging. When selecting a Thule stroller, consider your daily activities, the need for single or double seats, and the desired features for comfort and convenience.

Why Choose Thule Strollers?

  • Durability: High-quality materials withstand various terrains and conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable options for jogging, city use, or growing family needs.
  • Ease of Use: Features like one-handed folding and adjustable handlebars make them user-friendly.

Choosing Thule strollers ensures quality, safety, and convenience for a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both parent and child, whether navigating city streets or exploring outdoor trails.


  • Modern and Sleek: Thule strollers boast contemporary designs with robust aluminum frames and premium fabrics.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Features adjustable handlebars and reclining seats for both parent and child comfort.


  • One-Hand Folding: Models like the Urban Glide 3 fold easily with one hand for compact storage and transport.
  • Lightweight and Compact: City strollers such as the Thule Shine and Thule Spring are ideal for urban settings.

Different Strollers - Different Applications

  • Thule Urban Glide 3: Versatile all-terrain stroller perfect for jogging and daily use with air-filled tires and a swivel front wheel.
  • Thule Urban Glide 3 Double: Double stroller with the same features as the Urban Glide 3, accommodating two children.
  • Thule Urban Glide 4-Wheel: Offers added stability with four wheels.
  • Thule Shine: Compact and agile city stroller for quick urban trips.
  • Thule Spring: Lightweight, easy-folding city stroller for everyday adventures.
  • Thule Sleek: Versatile, stylish stroller configurable for one or two children.

Key Features Across Thule Strollers

  • Adjustable Handlebars: Suit parents of different heights.
  • Reclining Seats: Ensure child comfort during naps.
  • Large Canopies: Provide full coverage and ventilation.
  • Ample Storage: Spacious baskets and pockets for essentials.
  • Safety: Secure 5-point harnesses and reflective strips for visibility.

Thule Strollers for Different Lifestyles

  • Active Families: Urban Glide series is ideal for jogging and outdoor activities.
  • City Living: Thule Shine and Spring are perfect for urban environments with their compact designs.
  • Growing Families: Thule Sleek adapts for single or double use, ideal for expanding families.
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Cruz Safari Roof Platforms - the best budget class

Cruz Safari Roof Platforms - the best budget class

Cruz Safari Platforms - Why Choose?

  • Versatile solution for roof-mounted storage needs
  • Robust construction ideal for various outdoor adventures
  • Enhanced aerodynamics for reduced drag and improved fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles

Cruz Safari - How to Choose?

  • Consider your vehicle`s make and model compatibility
  • Assess the platform`s weight capacity and dimensions
  • Choose based on your specific storage and transportation needs
  • Budget-friendly options available to suit different financial constraints


  • Easy access to stored items
  • Simple installation process
  • User-friendly design for everyday use

Practice of Use

  • Designed for durability and reliability in diverse conditions
  • Suitable for frequent and intensive use

Material Quality

  • Constructed from high-quality materials for strength and longevity
  • Resistant to corrosion and wear


  • Built to withstand challenging environments and extended use
  • Ensures long-term performance and reliability

For reliable and versatile roof platforms, consider Cruz Safari. These platforms offer durability, ease of use, and quality construction, making them ideal for various outdoor and travel needs.

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Thule Child Bike Seats - Family sticks together!

Thule Child Bike Seats - Family sticks together!


Thule child bike seats ensure maximum safety for your child. Equipped with five-point harnesses and padded seats, these bike seats provide stability and comfort. A durable frame protects the child from impacts and falls, allowing you to enjoy worry-free rides.


Thule bike seats are not only functional but also stylish. Available in various colors and modern designs, these bike seats complement your bike perfectly. Ergonomically designed seats and lightweight frames make the bike seat an ideal choice for both short trips and longer rides.


Comfort is one of the main advantages of Thule bike seats. Quick and easy to install, these seats provide a comfortable and secure seating position for your child. Padded seats and adjustable footrests allow you to customize the seat according to your child`s needs, ensuring comfort throughout the ride.

Front and Rear-Mounted Bike Seats

Thule offers both front and rear-mounted child bike seats to suit your needs and bike configuration. Front-mounted seats allow for closer contact with the child during the ride, while rear-mounted seats provide more space for the parent. In both cases, Thule ensures a high level of safety and comfort.


Thule Side Canopies | Awnings - Durable, High-Quality Shade Solutions for Your Vehicle

Thule Side Canopies | Awnings - Durable, High-Quality Shade Solutions for Your Vehicle

Why Choose Thule 3200 Side Canopies?

Trusted brand: Thule is renowned for its durable, high-quality outdoor gear, and the 3200 Side Canopies | Awnings are no exception. Constructed with premium materials like UV-resistant fabrics, they are designed to withstand the elements and ensure long-lasting performance.

How to Choose?

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Consider your vehicle type and dimensions to select the appropriate canopy size and mounting options (roof or wall). There are different sized awnings for different size cars.
  • Customization: Explore optional accessories such as sidewalls, LED lighting, and privacy panels to personalize your outdoor setup.
  • User Preferences: Determine your specific needs for shade coverage and ease of use to find the perfect fit for your outdoor lifestyle.

Design Sleek and aerodynamic, Thule 3200 Side Canopies | Awnings complement the aesthetics of your vehicle. Available in different sizes and colors, they can be customized to match your vehicle type and personal preferences.

Convenience The innovative design features an easy-to-use roll-out mechanism, allowing for quick setup and deployment. Adjustable legs adapt to various terrains, providing stability and flexibility wherever your adventures take you.

Functionality Enjoy effective sun protection with Thule`s UV-resistant fabrics, shielding occupants from harmful rays. During light showers, the awnings provide essential cover, enhancing outdoor comfort and enjoyment.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

  • Versatility: Ideal for camping, picnicking, tailgating, and other outdoor activities, enhancing comfort and convenience wherever you go.
  • Durability: Built to last with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring reliable performance over years of use.
  • User-Friendly Features: Designed with user experience in mind, from setup to maintenance, providing hassle-free enjoyment of the outdoors.

Discover the perfect Thule 3200 Side Canopy | Awning to elevate your outdoor adventures. Thule`s commitment to durability, functionality, and user-friendly design ensures a reliable companion for enhancing your outdoor living experience.

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Roof Boxes - Good, Better and Best

Roof Boxes - Good, Better and Best

Roof Boxes – How to Choose?

Roof boxes are a practical solution that make daily life more comfortable. You can store items in a roof box that are inconvenient to transport inside the car, such as lawn trimmers, patio boards, travel bags, and more.

Size and Design

When choosing a roof box, first ask yourself what you plan to transport most often. Based on that, select the appropriate internal size of the roof box. Roof boxes can be adapted to any car. If needed, a large roof box can even be installed on a small car, although it may look disproportionate. Roof boxes come in various designs. Choose one that looks the most harmonious on your car`s roof.


Roof boxes are produced by various manufacturers, and well-known brands have several advantages. Thule`s roof boxes are among the highest quality. Thule offers roof box lines categorized as Good, Better, and Best. In Latvia, the Better line is the most popular, as these roof boxes meet the Best quality standards.

90% of buyers choose roof boxes from the Motion XT series because they meet all quality requirements. Thule roof boxes are made from ABS plastic in a special thermal oven. Therefore, these roof boxes are durable in various weather conditions—cold or hot. The material is flexible and will not crack due to environmental factors.


Thule roof boxes use very high-quality hardware. They have convenient mounts, making the roof box easy to install and remove. The installation process is so straightforward that it is practically impossible to make a mistake.

Sturdy and impact-resistant hinges are used, ensuring the roof box`s longevity. With proper use, a Thule roof box will last about 10-20 years. Thule roof boxes have undergone various quality tests, such as wind tunnel tests to measure air resistance. As a result, Thule roof boxes are rated among the quietest, as they do not generate noise due to air resistance. Of course, this test also confirms the high durability of these roof boxes.

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Thule Bike Trailers - Quality, Safety, and Comfort for All Riders

Thule Bike Trailers - Quality, Safety, and Comfort for All Riders

Thule Bike Trailers - Why to Choose?

Thule is a globally recognized brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Thule bike trailers meet and exceed international safety standards, ensuring peace of mind. Whether you need a city trailer or a sport trailer, Thule offers models that cater to different lifestyles and activities. Thule also provides excellent customer service and support, helping you with any questions or concerns.

Thule Bike Trailers - How to Choose?

Determine if you need a trailer for city use, sports activities, or both. Thule offers specialized trailers for different needs. Consider the number of children or the amount of cargo you plan to carry; Thule has options for single and double occupancy. Thule bike trailers come in various price ranges, providing quality and safety features at different price points. Whether you`re exploring the city or engaging in sports activities, Thule has a bike trailer to meet your needs


Thule bike trailers are designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth, safe ride. Thule Chariot trailers feature sleek, aerodynamic designs that reduce drag and enhance performance. Available in various colors and styles, Thule bike trailers are both functional and visually appealing.


Thule Chariot trailers can be quickly converted from bike trailers to strollers or joggers. Many Thule bike trailers fold compactly for easy storage and transport. Thule`s innovative hitch systems make it easy to attach and detach the trailer from your bike.

Different Trailers - Different Applications

Thule Chariot Cab is spacious and robust, ideal for families needing extra storage and comfort for two children. Thule Chariot Lite is lightweight and versatile, perfect for everyday activities and easy to maneuver. Thule Chariot Cross combines comfort and flexibility, suitable for both city and off-road adventures. Thule Chariot Sport is the ultimate performance trailer for active families, equipped with premium features. Thule Coaster is affordable and reliable, great for casual city rides. Thule Courier is practical and versatile, ideal for errands and commuting with cargo space.

Safety Features

All Thule bike trailers come with a secure 5-point harness system to keep children safe. Enhanced visibility with reflective materials and safety flags for added security. Built with high-quality materials to withstand various terrains and weather conditions.


Thule Chariot trailers feature adjustable suspension systems for a smooth ride. Mesh windows and adjustable vents ensure proper airflow and comfort for passengers. Ergonomically designed, padded seats provide extra comfort for long rides.

Additional Features

Ample storage space for snacks, toys, and essentials in various Thule bike trailers. Removable weather covers and sunshades to protect passengers from the elements. Thule offers a range of accessories to customize your bike trailer, including ski kits, infant slings, and more.

Discover the perfect Thule bike trailer for your needs and enjoy quality, safety, and comfort on every ride. Explore the full range of Thule Chariot city trailers and sport trailers to find the ideal companion for your adventures.

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Thule Caprock Roof Platforms - Luggage Solution for Non-Standard Sizes

Thule Caprock Roof Platforms - Luggage Solution for Non-Standard Sizes

Thule Caprock - Why Choose? Thule Caprock platforms are versatile, accommodating a wide range of gear from bikes and kayaks to cargo boxes. Made with high-quality materials, they withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy loads. The aerodynamic design minimizes wind resistance and noise, enhancing fuel efficiency and driving comfort. Thule Caprock platforms are easy to install and come from Thule, a trusted name in outdoor and transportation products known for quality and innovation.

Thule Caprock - How to Choose? Ensure the platform is compatible with your vehicle`s make and model, and consider the weight and size of the items you intend to carry. Choose a platform that meets your usage needs, whether for specific gear or versatile use. Check the installation requirements and select a platform that fits your budget. Thule Caprock platforms are available in different sizes and prices to suit various needs and financial constraints.

Convenience Thule Caprock platforms offer quick access to your gear, making loading and unloading hassle-free. The modular system allows customization with various Thule accessories, ensuring it meets your specific needs. Thule`s secure mounting system keeps your gear in place during transit, providing peace of mind on every journey.

Practice of Use Designed with the user in mind, Thule Caprock platforms are straightforward to use, even for those new to roof racks. Comprehensive instructions and online resources guide you through installation and use, and the platforms are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring longevity and reliability over time.

Material Quality Thule Caprock platforms are constructed from premium aluminum, offering a lightweight yet strong solution. The materials used are resistant to rust and corrosion, ideal for all weather conditions. Engineered to withstand heavy use, the platforms maintain their structural integrity even under extreme conditions.

Endurance Built to last, Thule Caprock platforms are designed for prolonged use, maintaining their performance over years. Each platform undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can endure the demands of adventurous travel. Thule provides a comprehensive warranty, reflecting their confidence in the product`s durability and quality.

For reliable and versatile roof platforms, choose Thule Caprock. Whether you`re an adventurer, a sports enthusiast, or need extra cargo space, Thule Caprock platforms offer the quality and functionality you need.

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Thule Outset - The First Tent on a Towbar!

Thule Outset - The First Tent on a Towbar!

Thule Outset - Why Choose?

Thule Outset is the world`s first trailer hitch-mounted tent, setting new standards for car camping. It provides the highest comfort with a custom mattress and built-in lighting. Unmatched convenience allows for quick attachment and detachment, enabling camp setup in minutes and freeing your vehicle for daytime excursions when the tent is detached.

Thule Outset trailer hitch tent is a revolutionary solution for auto camping enthusiasts, offering unparalleled comfort, innovative design, and unrestricted exploration freedom. Whether you`re an experienced camper or a beginner, Thule Outset is the perfect choice for your next adventure. It combines comfort, innovation, and high-quality materials to ensure an unbeatable camping experience.


Thule Outset features a compact, space-saving design that maintains low packing height while preserving clear rear visibility and a low center of gravity. User-friendly setup includes telescopic legs and a stand that make it easy to install on uneven ground.


The versatility of Thule Outset`s trailer hitch attachment allows for easy attachment and detachment, unlike traditional roof tents. Once set up on the ground, you can go on day trips without the additional volume and weight associated with roof tents.

The only trailer hitch-mounted tent in the world

Thule Outset is the only tent specifically designed for attachment to a trailer hitch, offering a unique and innovative camping solution. This revolutionary concept combines the best features of roof and ground tents to deliver the ultimate camping experience.

How towbar tents differ from roof tents?

Towbar-mounted tents like Thule Outset are easier to set up and access compared to roof tents, which require climbing up and down. The trailer hitch design allows you to use your vehicle independently of the tent, providing greater flexibility.


Thule Outset is made from durable, weather-resistant materials to withstand various environmental conditions. Its lightweight yet sturdy frame ensures stability and easy transport, making it ideal for adventure seekers.

Additional features

Thule Outset includes built-in wheels on the trailer hitch pole for easy tent movement. The stand features a leveling mechanism for stable setup on uneven ground. The spacious interior offers plenty of room for comfortable sleeping and storage, catering to the needs of multiple camping participants.

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Rent - Everything you need to know

Rent - Everything you need to know

Rent- How It Works?

We offer our clients rental services for situations where the client does not want to buy a roof rack, as they will only use it once or a few times. With us, you can rent the following products: Thule roof crossbars Evo, Thule Motion 3 roof boxes. The rental price includes both installation and removal. Additionally, you do not need to wash or clean the products after use - we will do it for you.

*Before planning to rent crossbars, please consult with us first to find out if crossbar rental is available for your car.

The roof box can be rented for all cars that already have client-installed bars.

It is possible to rent both the box and the crossbars separately or together.


Prices are expressed as the minimum amount for which products can be rented, and next to them is the daily rate, which is added when the rental period exceeds the number of days included in the minimum amount. For example, if you want to rent a Motion 3 roof box for one, two, three, four, or five days, the price will be a flat 50€. For instance, if you want to rent the box for 10 days, the price will be 100€, as each additional day after five days will be charged at 10€ per day.

Roof Box Motion 3 (M, L, XL, XXL) - 50€, daily rate 10€.

Roof Rack / Crossbars for cars with raised rails Thule Wingbar Evo Raised Rail - 50€, daily rate 3€.

Roof Rack / Crossbars for cars with integrated rails Thule Wingbar Evo Flush Rail - 70€, daily rate 5€.

Roof Rack / Crossbars for cars with fixed points Thule Wingbar Evo Fixed Points - 70€, daily rate 5€.

Roof Rack / Crossbars for cars with bare roofs Thule Wingbar Evo Clamp - 70€, daily rate 5€.

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